Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Road to NYB #2 CHECK IN

Today marks 34 weeks out !
mhmm I have to admit that it was pretty hard to do this past week if I am truthful with myself and to you guys. I knew that it was going to be hard to change my habits but it was alittle harder than I thought. I don't mean specifically the eating at a lower calorie intake or lower fat/carbs but I have noticed that sometimes I tend to under eat and when I do it i consume more carbs.
Thats what I noticed.
Most of our diets consist of carbs or atlas mine does. I thought before that I ate a good portion of protein and fats but no I was wrong.
And I'm not saying that my eating habits were amazing before obviously but I thought that I would atleast eat half of my protein but no lol
anyways as of today I am at

check in:
Weight: 170
Hips: 40"
Stomach: 39.5'
Waist: 36.5"
R Thigh: 21.1"
R Arm: 13.1"
Butt: 40.5"

I had a pretty rough week I mean there was mothers day and what not.
It was fun but sadly we had a big breakfast plus after my family all got together to eat a whole bunch of food that are not macro friendly.
BUT I had a great time with my family and my mom looked happy so I think that it is the best part of it all so that is great and it made everything worth it. I wish that I had lost some pounds or inches at least but oh well.
Hope you all had a lovely time with your family specially with your moms, aunts, grandmothers.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Road to NYB #1 CHECK IN

Week #1
I figured that a long apology is expected after the longest break I've had from blogging but I think that I have done that enough in my last post that I should just jump right into it and start being a better blogger. A lot of things have changed my interest is still fashion but I'm also starting to feel inspired to live a healthier lifestyle as well and this marks the start of that journey. 
No I don't know everything but I will learn from trial and error and with the help of google I will learn what works for me and what does not.

So this will begin a new series called NYB
"New Years Body"

I realize that its not even summer yet and that it might seem kind of odd that I'm not working on my beach body BUT realistically I do not think that I will reach my goal by that time. Currently I am 35 weeks out and I gotta say that it is not a lot of time
I want to change my mindset I want to change my habits
I want it to become my lifestyle, not a quick fix.

check in:
Weight: 169.4
Hips: 40"
Stomach: 39.5'
Waist: 36.5"
R Thigh: 21.1"
R Arm: 13.1"
Butt: 40.8"
(yes I'm measuring my butt too, for waist to butt ratio lol)

As for my nutrition I have tried so many "diets" that work for a week and then I fall right back into my binge eating which is no good. 
For myself I will be following IIFYM
which stands for IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS
(I will do a separate post on that as well to explain a little more about it)

And lastly I want to loose more body fat before I add any weight lifting exercise
I had actually been lifting already and enjoying it but I have changed my whole view of how I want to do things for myself and my own goals.
so as of right now I will be doing cardio and getting my eating habits under control

Im taking it one step at a time

Saturday, November 8, 2014

it has been way too long

Hello there,
It is crazy how long it has been since the last time i sat down and actually wrote here.
school and life has kept me busy, yet that does not seem like a good enough excuse, I need
to learn how to manage better my time i suppose.

I miss the writing and giving my opinion on things that i enjoy myself, and i think now at the point
that i am in my life right now i need that more than ever. life has been a little hectic really
and i need to have something to balance my life, this year has been very overwhelming to
say the least.

i have found new likes and dislikes, i became friends with people who i never though i would
be able to speak with and the people who i thought would be around for a while well lets just
say that they arent part of my life anymore sadly.
this time has been a real growth progress for me and i am glad that i am slowly getting out of it

word of advice to you all... dont stop doing what you love.

ive learned to really love myself above everything though.
i let myself go both physically and emotionally.

but now i have a couple post planned and i am going to commit myself to making this
blog one of my priorities because i really do enjoy being able to write my thoughts. and
well i hope that other people will be interested in reading what i have to say as well.

hope you all have a lovely night/day.. lots of love.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursdays are for DIYs

hello there,
I feel like it has been a while already since I last posted something !
But ive been a little busy with school these past couple days, so I apologize. 
Anyhow, for today's DIY I thought what better than a drink you can make for tomorrow
since its gonna be friday might as well enjoy a Blood Orange Sangria right ?
the perfect drink for parties and little get together's at home.

1 cup blood orange juice (can be substituted with any citrus juice)
1 lemon (sliced)
1 blood orange (sliced) 
3 mandarins or clementines (sliced) 
1 bottle of champagne

mix all together in a pitcher (fruit,juice and champagne)
and TA-DA !
and amazing drink is ready to be enjoyed !

Blood Orange Sangria

Hope you guys enjoy !
ill be making this myself on  Saturday again for a little family party.
on another note I shall be getting my camera soon so like promised ill be posting more
pictures form now on, I cannot wait !

Have a lovely day loves !

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursdays are for DIYs

Hello there lovely people,
so ive been in the processes of trying new things on my hair so I can tempt to keep it as healthy
as I possibly can. The problem is I use way to much heat sometimes but thats another story..
anyways one of the things that I am trying are store bought products but also homemade (DIY) things.
Here is one that I think you guys will enjoy as much as I do

1 banana
2 tbs. olive oil
1 egg
2 tbs. plain yogurt
1 tps honey

1. mash the banana into a mush
2. add the 2 tbs. of olive oil, stir. add 1 egg, mix well. now add the yogurt and mix well.
at this point it will have turned into a paste.
3. apply from roots to end. Put your hair up (put plastic wrap over the bun to keep from dripping] 
keep the mask on for 30 min.
4. wash and rinse your hair.
5. remove excess moisture from your hair, combine 1 tps of honey with 1-cup cool water. now stir until it dissolves. Pour the mixture onto your but dont rinse. Just towel dry and style it.

I hope that this will help you keep your hair as healthy as possible. keep in mind though that my hair is not very oily or dry its more on the inbetween normal side but im just usuing it as a precaution because ive decided to dye my hair pretty soon, its 2014 I think its time for some change right ?
hope you guys have a lovely day !

Monday, February 3, 2014

Instagram Diary | Issue #2

add me on instagram @nahomigarcia
Left to Right.
 Family trip to Disneyland
 One of my closest friends in the whole world since middle school 
 Yummy food at CPK 
 Little sisters 8th birthday party 
A few of the pictures on my instagram from the past month, the thing that has me upset was my sister birthday.. but in a good way ahah i cant believe that she is growing up so fast its scary ! Ive had a pretty good month so far and i cannot wait for what this month shall bring to me.I didnt take that many instagrams since I spent most of the month in bed sick aha yeah it was really crappy but thanks to my friends who made me feel better by keeping me company I was able to stay atleast a little upbeat and not be so sad since i was confined to my bed most of the time. On another note, im planning a trip soon which i am totally excited and which means you shall be able to see pictures of other things! should I blog it as well ? like a video? maybe possibly im actually considering it! well hope you have a good rest of the week and i shall talk to you on my next post !

Friday, January 31, 2014

080 Barcelona Fashion [Part 2]

January 28 Krizia Robustella
I think that her collection was very interesting, making sport pieces a little bit more wearable for those people who want to look more stylish while exercising.
pic name pic name pic name
Selim de Somavilla
The contrasting textures of each pieces and how they all go so well together is amazing. Although im not one to mix and match so much, this collection has definitely brought a couple of ideas to mind. As for the men's clothing well I have yet to find a guy who would dress like that sadly.
pic name pic name pic name
pic name pic name pic name
Natalie Capell
When I saw this collection it made me think of baroque times, fairies and anything that can be considered witchy, well to me it did ahaha  The softness of the items made every dress look so lovely. I gotta say that this is probably one of my favorite shows from this day. Each piece breaths elegance
pic name pic name pic name
pic name pic name pic name
Manuel Bolano
All those colors that he incorporated into his collection look so amazing together, it throws me back to a 70s style vibe. Such a fun collection that I would love to be able to own atleast ONE.. or all of them !

pic name pic name pic name
pic name pic name pic name
Brain & Beast
Every pieces has such a unique take on it that with just incorporating something from it into a regular outfit will make it POP. It really is all about the details
pic name pic name pic name
pic name pic name pic name
Sita Murt
pic name pic name pic name
pic name pic name pic name
If I ever decided to become a sailor this would be my entire wardrobe, I would not need anythign else but this ! actually even now I could live with just pieces form this collection. I love the laid back vibe that it has !
pic name pic name pic name
pic name pic name pic name
pic name pic name pic name
If my friends and myself got a chance to choose something to wear from any brand to attend cochella this year, well this is what we would take without even thinking about it twice, such an amazing collection.
pic name pic name pic name
pic name pic name pic name
Every single designer had such an amazing show, im really sad I cannot be there to watch it with everyone else. You can find inspiration in all of the designs to incorporate into your wardrobe. I can think of a couple outfits ! hope you have a lovely day !