10:39 PM

After looking at the first Urban Outfitters skull tee (followed my other stores) I realized that A. The tshirts were on the expensive side and B. I could probably recreate the look using a tshirt of my own. An here is the finish product !

I know it doesn't look perfect but I saved money AND I used my drawing skills which I have none so I think I did a pretty good job on my first try.
Ofcourse I'll try it again with another tee but until then let me know if you want a tutorial on how I did this.
Have a lovely day❤

Updating later today or tomorrow on my crazy weekend of fun. Outfit of te days. ANDDDD to top it all off on something very cool that I got accepted to be part of :D okay well more like I got a letter saying I could interview but still I'm excited lol

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