10:09 PM

I am annoyed at my parents.
Im annoyed by school.
Im annoyed by work.
I am annoyed at C.

I guess those are normal feelings for me to have when things are not going the way that i hoped they did. 
Dont get me wrong i respect and love my parents because i know that without them i would not be able to have a car, a roof over my head or an education. But that is besides the point, the main reason i am annoyed at them is because of the amount of  pressure that i get from them.
"dont do this. your doing that wrong.why cant you do anything right"
Having to hear those things constantly can get to you.
But i will live through it. And i know that ill be leaving home soon, i am not leaving to get away from them but because it is the time that i move on with my life and i discover new things.

I love my classes. i am inspired each and everyday and i have learned so many things that it is amazing.
BUT sometimes it is alittle hard to focus. 
I just wish that it would be done with and i could move on with my life

Work. Work. Work.
i have a crappy job but it pays for school and my books. i am blessed to even have one since i know so many people that are looking and cant find one. 
I have a supervisor who thinks she can talk to the employees how ever she wants. I obviously dont agree with that and when she tried speaking to me in a disrespectful and rude language i got angry.
props to me though for not yelling or for using obscene language aha
Either way i am not the only one that thinks this and someone really needs to push her off her high horse and make her realize that she cant go around being rude and expected to be respected.
(which i told her in the most polite way i could)

my other half. 
After almost 6 years of relationship, 
which started when we were freshman in high school, 
has been put to a stop.
I feel like we are gonna go back an forth.
no matter what we will always end up together
i know some couples say that they are soul mates and what not without realizing the true meaning of those words, but for ME he is my soul mate.
we are trying to be friends and it feels so forced that its ridiculous ! i feel more shy and conscious of what i do and how i say things that i cannot enjoy the time we spend together.
yes we still hang out.
on the other hand when we act like bf&gf it is the most natural thing.
i know that life is going to take us in different directions the longer we stay apart but i am afraid that i will loose him not only as a life partner but as my bestfriend.
BUT i will leave it but to fate, if we are meant to be together we will be<3

okay i am done.
i needed to get it off my chest and get it off my mind.
sorry it hasnt been a fashion blog so far. i think i am going to leave it as a life style blog.
it makes more sense to me i think. i can write about life, fashion, movies, books, recipes or anything that i find interesting.
anyways goodnight loves ! 

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