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hello lovelies !
so for my last San Diego fashion week post i thought i would post about my outfits.
i know that this is supposed to be a fashion related type blog, 
but i sometimes feel a little self conscious when asking people to take pictures of my outfits,
i know i shouldn't be but it just gets way awkward for me haha
anywho on with the post.

The first event I attended was at the W Hotel, in which we had to wear our "work shirts"
but we were also allowed to dress it up a little bit. I thought it would be cool to have a little rockerish 80 inspired look going on and I think i did an okay job at it ? hopefully lol
top:SD fashion week AA tshirt // lace skirt: forever 21 // shoes: Foreign Exchange
accessories: casio gold watch // purple skull bracelet 

For the actual show we were not able to wear anything to fancy just the shirt and jeans with some comfy shoes so i thought it would be too basic to post.

For the trunk show event which happened to be on the last day, the dressers and anybody else who helped was able to attend as a guest. This ofcourse meant that we were able to dress up and look nicer.
dress: Forever 21 // blazer: Foreign Exchange // heels: Local Boutique
Accessories: collar necklace // Casio gold watch

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day !
thanks so much for taking your time to read my post (:

Les mando muchos besos y palabritas de amor<3

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