Fashion week day 6.

10:22 PM

Helloooo !
So I thought now that I FINALLY have some spare time I would post up the pictures from the actual runway show of San Diego Fashion Week.
I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences I've had so far. It was fun it was hectic and filled with amazing clothes.
The event took place at the Hard Rock Hotel in its rooftop/pool area. When I first entered the area I was taken back by all the people who were having a party but once I found my way I felt much better lol
I was taken backstage with the rest of the dressers for the night and we got assigned different designers to help dress and pretty much style the model as fast as we could.
All the designs were amazing in my opinion, from the shoes to the accessories everything was carefully planned. Ofcourse I had my favorite items including a dress made out of seashells.
(the pictures do it no justice btw)
The intermission act was Spags, a rad violinist I might add.
Overall it was amazing I honestly didn't have a dull moment. I had the chance to interact with other girls who shared my passion for fashion and I was able to create friendships.
Next year should be better! For all of you who didn't get a chance to go this year, make sure to make room next year because it really is worth your time.
Have a goodnight lovelies
Les mando besitos y letritas de Amor <3

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