Last day of fashion week.

11:33 PM

So on the last day fashion week San Diego had a trunk show event that I was allowed to go as a guest.
Although the fashion show had been amazing
(Check out my post for details)
It was a totally different experience as being a guest.
I had a chance to walk around and look at all the clothing pieces and to speak to speak to the designers as well.
They had amazing cupcakes as well so I couldn't resist but to take one once I saw them !
Another little treat that I really enjoyed was a manicure given by VaVaVarnish.
It is a new nail salon which is opened in downtown San Diego. The owner was really nice and actually helped fix my nails when the lady doing them had a little trouble with the glitter.
(Let just say it went everywhere lol)
Regardless though she did a great job and I can honestly say I will go check them out. If you happen to live in San Diego or just on a visit you should stop by.
(They only do natural nail manicures though, they don't do acrylic)

Have an amazing day lovelies !
Les mando muchos besitos y letritas de Amor<3 data-blogger-escaped-center="center">

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