t-shirt type of day

10:35 PM

t-shirt: Forever 21 // shorts: DIY high waisted Levi shorts

So i generally dont wear too many tshirts but lately for school I have to admit that i get a little lazy to dress up yeah i feel guilty because i love dressing up BUT who said you need to over dress to look stylish.
anywho, i bought this shirt back in my Senior year of high school
(i actually took it to a school trip to Disneyland)
 I decided to pair it with a DIY pair of levi shorts
and so that it wouldn't look too baggy, since the shirt is kinda of big on me now, I decided to tie it
with a "90" inspired knot. well in my mind it is lol

I will be posting more OutFits but for now i thought i would do a simple one hehe

have a goodnight.
muchos besitos y palabras de amor<3

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