Black Friday Shopping.

7:38 PM

It was that time of the year again ...
I realize that it is funny how a day before we are celebrating our family
and giving thanks for what we have and then a couple hours later we are in line buying things
but who can pass up such great deals sometimes !
( although for all the people that camped outside of stores 2 days before i disprove sorry! )
So I shopped at several stores BUT unlike last year I really did not spend that much money on myself
I decided to use the sales for presents but I was able to grab a few things for myself

From left to right:
-Black skinny pants from H&M for $7 (was $24.95)
-Skinny jeans from Hollister for $30 (was $60)
-Printed skinny jeans for $20 (was $29.95, similar to the Zara)
-Light pink skinny pants for $20 (was $29.95)
-Light cream skater style dress from H&M for $10 (was $24.95)
-Sleeveless pink dress from H&M for $15 (was 29.95)
-Cream and gold Peplum dress from Foreign Exchange for $40
(was buy-one-get-one-free my sister for the free item)
-Red Hollister jacket for $60 (was $120)
-Gray and light pink tweed jacket from H&M for $20 (was $49.95)
-Orange Hollister sweater for $20 (was $40)

This was probably my most favorite buy this Black Friday
-Steve Madden Studded Ankle Boots for $84 (was $160)

I am really excited to style all of these pieces !
I also bought a cannon point and shoot camera BUT sadly I do not have it 
with me at the moment but I will start being more active with my outfit posts.
Also I will be attending 2 events this week so I will be posting about those later on.

Hope you all have a lovely night huns<3
and if you found great deals i would love to hear them !

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