A little shopping Haul.

8:36 PM

Hello lovelies !
So I realize that I should probably not be spending my money on myself
and I should be buying Christmas presents for family and friends
BUT I just could not help myself hehe
My trip included: Forever 21 // H&M // Foreign Exchange // Thrift Store
- Quarter sleeve Cream Skater lace style dress from H&M $15
- Lace mint  long sleeved dress from Forever 21 (around) $20
-Blue with open back dress from  a Thrift Store $3
- White and Gray stripped  maxi dress from a Thrift Store $4
- White and Pink stripped maxi dress form a Thrift Store $4
- Pink knit sweater from H&M  $15
- Cream beanie from Forever 21 $8
- Leather color blocking jacket from Foreign Exchange $74
- Knee length boots from Foreign Exchange $64
( free because Foreign Exchange had a buy one get one free)

I love the holiday season and holiday sales hehe
I think i need to start making my list of what I need to buy and what I want hehe

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