A little bit of a Style Party

6:33 PM

Hello Darlings,
So this past December 1st I attended a Style Party for
The proceeds collected were given to
 Rancho Damacitas Community Group Home For Children
I was able to meet Kelly who is the owner of the salong (ofcourse)
as well as his family and the rest of his team.
He was so attentive and down to earth that you could not help it but like him from the start.
Not only does he have a killer salon but he is also very involved with the community and trying to make an impact as much as he can which can be admired from him.
He also has a total of 3 salons, and the team that he works with in Carlsbad 
are form other areas and not local.

Along with nOia designs, they were also featuring:
Love is A Devil
Stacie May 

Not only did they have a DJ, drinks, and yummy food
they were giving free style sessions which i ofcourse could not pass out on
Also each designer as well as the salon gave goodies away to the people l
ucky enough to win them on the raffle, sadly i did not win but it was okay 
I had a great time with great people

It was such a great environment that i will go back to dye my hair for the first time
(which im nervous about ahah)
even though it is kind of far from home but its okay I dont mind.
i hope you guys have a good weekend !
i know i will since my finals are pretty much over as of today [: 

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