Christmas Presents

10:40 PM

Like I said here is my second post with my Christmas Haul !
yes all of these were given to me by friends or family
and i know i received a few presents as well but keep in mind that
for every present i received i gave one back as well !
anyhow, Christmas is not about presents and all those materialistic things
BUT who can resist the joy of opening up the presents as soon as you can
possibly not even being able to sleep knowing that you have all those amazing presents waiting for you ?!
i know i cant ahha
yes it might seem childish but its that not knowing what you might get that is exciting!
on another note i cant believe the year is almost over !
do you guys have your goals set already for 2013 ?
well i hope you have a lovely night [:

from left to right:
-blue jumper with a low back from Zara Knit
-Forest green cardigan with "leather" from Cotton On
-Tweed black and white jumper with white gems from Zara Knit
-Cream long sleeved jumper with gems from Zara Knit

From left to right:
-black "leather"skirt from Foreign Exchange
-Cream "leather"skirt from Foreign Exchange
-Cream skinny jeans from Zara

-Black hat from Cotton On
-Black "leather"purse with studs from Foreign Exchange
-Cream and gold bracelet with Hamsa hand was handmade
-Gold cross necklace was handmade

-Gray with silver spikes sneakers from Foreign Exchange
-Black with gold studs flats from Foreign Exchange
-Black with gold spikes booties from Zara 

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