Christmas recap

10:23 PM

Hello lovelies !
i hope that you all had an amazing an safe Christmas with your family and friends this year.
Mine was filled with family and going on mini vacations since my godparents actually came here all the way from Mexico.
it was so exciting to spend time with them this year that i can say it has been the best !
Not only did we appreciate having them around but we also were able to bond even more.
my cousins had never been to Disney Land so going with them was pretty fun since everything they saw was exciting to them !
i was also able to meet some very interesting people during our wait for the parade to start, the girl that i was talking to works for a senator so i thought that was cool hehe
I really am glad of how things turned out this time, I have not been feeling my happiest these past couple of weeks, emotional issues keep coming up that have not allowed me to focus as much as i would like on writing or being more active on this blog but i am okay now and i thank you for your patience. I would love if you guys told me what you did this Christmas it would be awesome since i always enjoy reading and replying to comments ! I am also uploading a Haul post for this Christmas, and a New Years post so please look for those shortly !

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