The Holidays

8:44 PM

Don't you just love this time of the year ?
I know I do !
Hello there lovely readers, I hope that each an everyone of you is having a great holiday season with your family and loved one.
I adore everything about this time,
From the special holiday drinks from Starbucks
To spending quality time with the family and exchanging gifts.
This year has been more special though,
Family has travel all the way from Mexico to spend the holidays with us!
I hadn't seen my godparents in almost 4 years already! So spending time with them and my cousins has been a real treat.
This has truly been an amazing time for me.
One of my favorite "holiday traditions" is going to Disneyland during Christmas Eve, after opening all of our presents the night before of course !
I hope everyone likes what I got them though hehe
The only crazy/bad thing would be the INSANE shoppers !yes we all have to suffer because of them but in the end we succeed(:
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas though,
If you would like I would love to read some of your holiday traditions so leave them as a comment maybe ?(:
Now I am off to drink some hot chocolate with marshmallows and to watch elf !hehe

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