Inspiration can be found so unexpectedly

4:17 PM


Hello lovelies,
this past couple of days i have been so busy that i feel like i haven't been able to just sit back and catch my breath yet !
In this post I thought i would talk a little about inspiration.
after seeing this video
which I feel I should have watched a long time ago
I remembered why I love fashion so much.
its the artistic part. the expressing yourself part. the (excuse my language) i don't give a fuck side.
By wearing a certain accessories or a piece of clothing we can turn ourselves into anything we want, we can show our personalities (no matter how many we may have) and transport ourselves into whatever decade we love. From channelling our inner baroque to the 1990 style of clothing. for me its these jumbled up along side so many other decades.
fashion is a statement so we shouldn't be afraid to say what we want how ever that is, even if it means looking a little over the top sometimes. I feel more inspired to wear different items, which does not mean I will go crazy and just wear whatever is in my wardrobe. I will put SOME thought behind it and tweak here and there until I find what suits me
and what my style REALLY is.

 I think everyone should have that point of view, it seems that the older we get the more scared we are to wear what we want because of what others will say about it. Which is a real shame because at the end of the day isn't any form of art about making people questions themselves and question you? I want to look back at what I have done and what I wear and just laugh and be excited that I wore what I did when I had the chance. I guess we are chain to our society and the rules it imposes on us, but that is just my opinion of course.
For me at the moment, I am getting  my inspiration from art, old shows and movies and just anything that catches my attention. which i guess is the way to go, but its making me nostalgic for better times
 It also takes me back at the summer days spent with my grandma who had her own unique personal style.
Back to the days when I would wear cheetah print & stripes and NOT CARE it would be too much,
I think as i got older I kept getting the "no you cant wear that"too much that i began
to actually listen to it.
I feel like I need to start doing outfit post already and maybe by the end of the month I will have gather the courage to pick an outfit choose a location shoot and choose pictures to post. Until then I will keep thinking of ideas and how awkward it shall be!
hope you all have an amazing night !

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