Second blogger meetup

7:37 PM

Hello lovelies,
so this past Friday I was able to attend the 3rd 
San Diego Blogger meetup
(But it was the second one i attended hence the name lol)
which was being help at Vocabulary Boutique in little Italy
thanks to Lisa Moore and Canopi
Being the second one I attended I gotta say it was easier to just go and start talking
to all the other bloggers, it was all laughs the entire time for me.
I had never been to that Boutique and I must say it is the cutest store!
I literally wanted every pieces of jewelry that I saw, I mean who wouldn't
when they display it in such a cute little way.
(plus i got ideas on how to store my own jewelry)

pic namepic name

pic namepic name
Lisa Moore giving a little speech before doing the raffle !

photo credit: PATFLOR

I had a great time and i honestly cannot wait until the next blogger meet up or event !
its always great to meet new people who have the same interest as me.
Not to mention the fact that I am usually shy when it comes to talking to 
new people but I am slowly getting over that.
Hope you all have an amazing rest of the day and week.

P.s. don't be scared to leave me suggestions on what time of post you would like to see[:

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