Project Ethos

4:50 PM

Recently I had the great experience to attend this event which was held at Fluxx,
 being the first time that I was able to attend I gotta say that I had a great time. 
Although now I need to go to the Fluxx on a regular day !
The fashion was amazing not to mention that the music kept the crowd going as well. 
I was able to meet the Eryn Woods who was the singer of the night, she was pretty rad.
The designers who presented their line that night were:  
Marteal and Estrada, Tumbler & Tipsy, Wayward, House of Devali, Kristen Dorsey Designs, Fortune 421, Andre Soriano and ofcourse Noia. 
Overall it was a great night filled with amazing company,
it will not be my last project ethos event.

Designer Evelyne with Lexi

Stay tune for more fashion events that I will be able to attend soon.

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