9:34 PM

So another year of my life has gone and a new one begins.
This week I turned 24 and gosh I don't even know where time has gone, yeah I'm not that old but it feels like time is just flying by.
This past year has been well not the best but not the worst either, its been ehh to be honest. 
But I plan on making the most of everything now.
anyways, I thought I would share what I did on my birthday because why not.
On the day of, I wanted to hang out with my friends but unfortunately the older you get the harder it is to have all of your friends come together because of work or just other commitments. I had fun though with the girls that I got to spend it with. 
I also realized that last year on my birthday I had spent it with a group of 2 girls who weren't even involved in my birthday this year, which to be honest probably wouldn't have even talked to me if i hadn't invited to come out and even though they said yes
 they backed out at the last minute. 
The thing about me though is that it is very hard for me to trust people, yes thats my own problem but I don't stick around people long enough to allow them to earn my trust. I slowly begin to drift away from people that I surround myself with. A couple times I try to stay in touch but if I feel like they are not making an effort either than I just give up as well because why should I try ?
Maybe its wrong for me to think that but I cant help it.
But regardless of that I thought of reaching out to people who I was really closed to a couple months ago an try to get them to do something with me, not just go to a club or bar but to have dinner or something but there was no effort on the other side. The only thing it makes me think is that 1. I don't want to look pushy and needy for constantly asking to hang out and 2. maybe we weren't as close as I had thought. But those are just the thoughts that go in my mind and half of it is my fault the other is not.
I need to appreciate the friends that I have now and try to create lasting relationships with people
 because we all need interaction with others to help you when you are having a rough time.
My birthday was pretty good though, I'm not going to deny that.
The following day I actually went to Los Angeles with my family to spend the day.
We went to the Last Bookstore which was honestly pretty awesome, yeah its probably not something that you might want to do on your birthday BUT i enjoyed going through all the books and plus the library is pretty interesting looking inside as well.
after that we went to LACMA  although we didn't get to go inside I was able to show my little sister the tar pits 
and the very famous lamp post that are outside of it.
From there we headed to the grove and then out last stop was at the Griffith Observatory.
 Because we went at night time we were able to see all the lights form LA, and it was a beautiful site to be honest.

I didn't do anything crazy or out of the ordinary for my birthday but I had a pretty good time 
and I think that enjoying what I was doing was all that mattered.

All I can think about now is wow I'm closer to 30.

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