How Kpop has changed me

8:29 PM

So recently as of this past summer I have found myself listen to nothing but KPOP songs. To be honest it was never something that I had really paid much attention to but the more songs I listen to and the more I learn about the artists the more I like it.
There are many negative connotations when you think of Kpop Idols, mostly that they are created almost like they are just machines working for their CEOS. I honestly thought the same.
The first time I listened to any Kpop songs it was actually a G-Dragon and TOP song but I did not venture any further than that. 
I stumbled upon a youtube video of a kpop group reacting to a youtube video which was in a way making fun of kpop (not in a malicious way though) and from there I ended up watching BTS and many others 

The thing that I find so interesting is that they live and breath their music, something that I honestly do not see much of here in the U.S. That doesn't mean that U.S artist don't live for their music because they probably do but I do see a huge difference between the different artist.
I suppose that also has to do with the culture difference that they have.
Also a lot of U.S artist don't write their own music and there are groups that were created by other people yet we do not judge them the same way as KPOP idols.
Plus I don't think we will ever see Beyonce or Kanye West in a show doing imitations or doing contests for no reason like Idols do in variety shows.

I know that not every Kpop group write their own songs but the groups that are involved in the production of their songs are to be admired. I don't tend to like every single song even from american musicians but I gotta say that their main songs I usually like, plus their personalities and the way that they act too. I have not found a group that I do not appreciate yet.
I might not listen to them but I still like how fun they are. 

The reason that listening to Kpop changed me was because of their dedication. If you hear their stories of before their debut you would be impressed as well. 
You have groups practicing hours upon hours a day, literally living for their music trying to perfect their vocals and their dancing skills in the hope that they will be able to perform the best that they can. Yet the opportunity to debut is still not a guarantee. There have been some people who spend years practicing and they never get to debut. 
Even after they debut they still practice hours and hours so that they can get better. Like any craft the more you practice the better you will be. 
That dedication has honestly inspired me so much that it made me come up with a plan for MYSELF.

If you have been following me for a while you know that I've had a couple rough 2 years. It has honestly been a little rough to get out of it but I think that I have the motivation to do it.
I came up with a plan of myself which includes a lot of changes but I'm excited.
I was going to school for engineering but it was not something I was IN LOVE with,
I want to do something that I like and that I can do everyday the same way that all of those Idols work at what they love. otherwise what is the point.

Health and body wise I have also implemented some changes which I will be posting about later on as well because it will be a process. 

Its going to be a new adventure for me and i am excited as to where it will take me. Honestly I find it strange that something like KPOP could have changed my mentality and give a sense of direction but I am glad it happened. I guess inspiration can really come from the most random places and when you least expected. I have already started making changes and I feel great.

Regardless of where you get it from, I really hope that everyone can find the inspiration that will drive them to work hard towards their dreams whatever it might be. If you want to be an artist then work hard day and night even if it means not being able to go to a party with you friends. If you want to be the best at something you need to sacrifice some things because in the long run you will be thankful you did.
Its never to late to start you just need to start today, don't wait until the tomorrow.
The more you put it off the longer you prolong reaching the finish line.

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